Jquery Plugins

Pushup – This tool has a hidden sliding content bar that could be useful to since I am trying to achieve a very clean look and would like to keep things as minimal not to distract from the main content.

Crossfade – This tool fades out images once they start to leave the primetime viewing area to focus the users attention on the next thing. Could be useful on my image pages to guide users through photos.

Sticky Kit – This will be useful once I decide how my sidebars will go in and out of the screen at certain event point during my map animation.

Planetarium –  This could be how my map works in the background? Seems cool

Move – Seems useful, not sure how to use all of the easing yet

Sprite Clip – Hover animation using frames

Scrollpath – hopefully I can integrate something like this for my map using an invisible path across an image.

SuperScrollOrama – Looks like this might be an all in one when I am making my transitions while scrolling


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