Project Two Reflection & Link

Project Two. Minus a few weeks wasted on a direction that was bland and boring, I was really happy with what I was able to accomplish with the second project. I redid the concept and drew everything and got as much coding as I could in a week. If I had more time, or just more motivation to work on it out of school, I think it would develop into a really fun and creative site. I could definitely see myself pulling the characters and concept into a children’s book or something along those lines.

In terms of coding, although its mostly duct taped together, I figured out placement more than I had on any site before. I also used some interactive features like scale and rotate. I tired some other things, but it either broke everything else or did absolutely nothing at all. I would’ve loved to have more done on this site, but I am so slow to code. I found thinking & designing for web a real challenge, mainly because I felt intimated. Im happy that I took this class, though. Anyways, the site wasn’t that amazing, but I am proud of it none-the-less.

If you are looking at the site, be warned, I designed it to a specific size to get everything in place…It may need so adjusting.

Little Creatures


ops, I did it again.

After feeling incredibly uninspired by my old site, I changed directions and made an illustrated site for children’s magnifying glasses.

Old site..


And the new site wireframes and illustrations

FullSizeRenderFullSizeRender (1)


Designs & Annotated comp


Screen Shot 2015-06-01 at 11.50.13 AManotatedcomp




website review & wireframes

REI 1440 Project

The 1440 project is REI’s live minute by minute photo album of people exploring the world with REI gear.

This is a fun and interactive website, both in terms of code and viewer participation. This provides a real look into how people use REI gear and provides an enticing reason to buy their gear. There is a direct link to the REI website on the top left and the top right has a Shop REI button. The site isn’t directly selling any one item, but rather the whole REI aesthetic and feel. I think this site is very successful, its selling the experience and inviting the viewer to join. Its allowing the viewer to drive the character of REI. Even though it isn’t directly selling anything on this page, its creating a memorable association to REI, so when someone does need to buy outdoor gear, they will most likely think of REI.

Screen Shot 2015-05-20 at 10.51.43 AMOver all site

Screen Shot 2015-05-20 at 10.52.53 AMBottom right has an easy to use Add You Own

Screen Shot 2015-05-20 at 10.51.54 AM Selection a time of day to view

Screen Shot 2015-05-20 at 10.52.18 AMOption to select location and activities

Wireframes : Magnifying Glass

Photo May 20, 9 35 08 AM


I was extremely excited about the idea of a narrative for Project One. I really enjoyed the illustration process and learning how to layer svgs. I am overall happy with how my site my turned out, despite failing at some coding and having some real sizing issues. For project two Im not allowing myself to draw anything. I would like to focus on type and actually get j query working! 

I seem to run into the same issues on every project, I am an illustrator and I have a lot of trouble switching my focus into a field I am far less familiar and far less skilled at. Because of my time management, my technical skills and type elements usually end up suffering. Obviously, I wish I had approached type and navigation (my j query) differently because they really didn’t work with the site. Also, allowing myself more time to search through plug in’s would have been to my advantage. 

Ideas. and other things

Ideas for site two

1. Magnifying glass

2. Marcel Breuer chair aka “Vassily chair” or another object made from the Bauhaus.

3. Bristlecone Pines (oldest living tree on earth)


Annotated Comp (from project one)

Photo May 04, 1 36 41 PM (1) 

PlugIn Examples

Website numero uno

A series of (kind of interactive) illustrations for the song Pools by Glass Animals.

I had the j query working for the navigation and fadein/out effects this morning and Im pretty sure my excitement broke it some how. So, there is no more j query 😦 but here is the site anyways.