Good/Bad Web Design Principles


– Fluid
– Self-directed
– Discovery
– Mood/Tone
– Trust
– Narrative
– Pacing
– Unexpected
– Directional Cues
– Immersive

– Too much control
– No structure
– Slowness
– Unsolicited media playing
– Unbalanced
– Unclear Navigation

Welcome, my nerdy little friends!

Welcome to the ART 342 blog! We’ll be using this blog almost like a process book of the work we’ll be doing throughout the term. Pretty much everything I assign will need to be posted here to get credit. Feel free to comment on other people’s work and/or ask for feedback from your classmates. That is why we have this thing.

And because I’ve done this for too many terms and I hate to break tradition, here is a mascot that I feel will represent you in all future endeavors in this course:

Did you know that Neo rearranged is “One”? He IS the one. And so is Trinity! And you are too!