Useless Website

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This term has been really weird for me. I pretty much lost my interest in school, which resulted in me completely slacking off (eh, nothing new there) and starting projects a day or two before they were due.

So, with that being said, this project was more fun than the last one. I got to experiment with jquery, suffer with jquery, rethink my life with jquery, and then completely stop messing around with it once it did what I wanted it to. I had a lot of stuff that I wanted to do to my website, but my knowledge of coding completely held me back. I really wanted the website to be a lot more interactive than it really was, but holy crap SVGs completely screwed everything up! The suckers for starters don’t want to take a class name, thanks SVGs.

But other than that I am happy with it. It’s a cute interactive website that it just fun to click back and forth.


What I’m Doing

Fixing my comps again…..whoops. I suppose I’ll do code this weekend.

Roku and Comps (yeah)

The website I chose is the website for Roku. Roku is much like the Amazon Firestick or Chromecast. 

It is clear right off the bat that the company really believes in their product by stating “The simplest way to stream to your TV. On your terms.” The colors of the website are fun and playful, and the model in the photo is ever so cheerful. As you scroll down, the three different options are easily provided for you, from simplest and cheapest version, to the most expensive version for those really in love with the product. 

After clicking on a version of the product (I selected Roku Streaming Stick because that’s what I was interested in) you are immediately greeted with a large image of the product and the option to buy it immediately. In case you weren’t completely satisfied yet, as you scroll down you are greeted with reason to by. Things such as the review rating, money back guarantee, free shipping, and warranty are the first things you see. After comes everything the Roku offers, woohoo! 

The character of the product is carefree and simple fun! Everything about the website makes you want to purchase one (which I plan on doing since the Amazon FireStick sucks ass).

I think the website is convincing. Much for convincing than the Amazon FireStick website because that website was crammed into Amazon’s normal website (gag). It is better than the Chromecast page as well since it offers more diversity and viable information. I’d buy one (I’m actually probably going to buy one).

Oooooooh and some compy comps for y’alls

terryfox_comps-01 terryfox_comps-02 terryfox_comps-03 terryfox_comps-04 terryfox_comps-05 terryfox_comps-06