Useless Box Site Done…now with more self evaluation!

And done…self evaluation below the link.




I kept things pretty simple on this site and went for functionality over too much cleverness. I definitely struggled to come up with what I wanted to do on this site and I am not sure if it was the subject matter or something else, but creatively this was challenging…which is why ultimately I just leaned into functionality.

I haven’t used a “pre-boxed” system like fullpage.js for anything prior to this site so I figured to is as good a time to try and add working within a system like this to my tool box.

Overall im happy with it, it’s incredibly simple but still is a bit quirky. I had fun shooting the photos and making the video that is included.


What I am working on

I think I have my comps done now. My plan is to have all my html and css done before the next class so that I can start knocking out the jquery while I have folks around to ask questions.


I think primarily I am going to use either pagepiling or fullpage as the basis for my site. Thanks to those that posted those, they seem perfect for what I am trying to do.



Comps and Project one synopsis

Project one:

Overall I am happy with the project. It looks and functions NEARLY exactly like i wanted it to. I wish there were more clickable events and things to explore within the site. Some easter eggs to discover would be nice. I agree with the statements that adding some texture would make it feel a little less flat.

Aside from those things I am generally happy with it. I think I did a fairly good job of composing the images as SVG and using them properly within the site.



Useless-Box-Mockup-3 Useless-Box-Mockup-2 Useless-Box-Mockup-1