Project 2

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For the project 2, I’m building a website for ‘First Aid Kit’ for Home, Sports, and for your Automobile. Unfortunately, I’m not quite finished with the design but this is what I have so far. I want to create a website that will show what’s inside a first aid kit. In the end of the website, I want people to learn about the importance of having a first aid kit by your side. The site will eventually lead to a link for a class curated by American Red Cross and a shopping cart.


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For the interactive website, I found a website created by Smart Water. Its one of those websites that you would want to go back, because it was so memorable. So many interactive elements that’s interesting. Being consistent with a theme behind the smart water, vaporization, they really played and designed well for the audience to have fun.

Project 1 Evaluation & Project 2



For the project 1, I made a website on female painter Frida Kahlo. She is an iconic figure of the century, has many influence on female feminists, and with her colorful fashion, inspired many designers around the world. I really wanted to show the colorful-ness of her personality and wanted to somehow reflect her work into the website. I think I had too many ideas to start, and wanted to do so many things that it got messy during the process. Finding the balance between a good design and a fully working website was hard for me. For the next project I want to do something simple, so I can try more challenging things on my website.


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For the Second Project, I want to do something on the First Aid Kit. Introducing or re-introducing ‘First Aid Kit’ and information based product page. It will eventually lead them to american cross page so people can buy the product, because everyone needs the kit at home.


Plug ins

For my website, I’m planning on having many texts. This plug-in will help my site to be responsive especially when view texts.

I’ll be using full page layouts for most of my pages, and some sliders(slides) so this will be useful!

somewhat interactive grid system for the gallery

adding video on the background

some cool text effects when you are scrolling to the next