Project Two Reflection & Link

Project Two. Minus a few weeks wasted on a direction that was bland and boring, I was really happy with what I was able to accomplish with the second project. I redid the concept and drew everything and got as much coding as I could in a week. If I had more time, or just more motivation to work on it out of school, I think it would develop into a really fun and creative site. I could definitely see myself pulling the characters and concept into a children’s book or something along those lines.

In terms of coding, although its mostly duct taped together, I figured out placement more than I had on any site before. I also used some interactive features like scale and rotate. I tired some other things, but it either broke everything else or did absolutely nothing at all. I would’ve loved to have more done on this site, but I am so slow to code. I found thinking & designing for web a real challenge, mainly because I felt intimated. Im happy that I took this class, though. Anyways, the site wasn’t that amazing, but I am proud of it none-the-less.

If you are looking at the site, be warned, I designed it to a specific size to get everything in place…It may need so adjusting.

Little Creatures


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