Project 2 Self Evaluation

Initially, my design comps showed a divided scrolling action happening on the gallery page, but I couldn’t get the scrolling to work without sacrificing the other jQuery functions. My solution for that page ended up being the sliding effect with color filters. I wanted the labels to not say “Before/After,” but rather something about the image/camera that took the photo. However, to modify that, I had to go into the SASS document that was provided and I couldn’t disperse the parts of SASS. I left it alone so as not to break the jQuery.

With this project, I felt a little more comfortable with modifying and writing jQuery, but yet not enough that I was able to make everything fit the product exactly. Looking back, it seems counter-intuitive to have a separate home page when it could just scroll down. I think the user experience could have been better and easier to navigate, but I focused on getting the interactions to work and better understanding jQuery with the design I had come up with.

The 360 degree images took the longest to figure out because all the cameras would revert back to the same image at one point. However, it worked out in the end. The animation that occurs in the Lomography type on the homepage could also be incorporated elsewhere, such as in the patterns on the gallery page. There could also be some cleanup such as fixing positioning and headers.

Overall, I was pleased with what I was able to accomplish for interactions, but I do think the site could do with a more finessed design.   


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