link to my site and self evaluation

for this project the product I wanted to represent Copic markers. I chose this particular product because I enjoy the materiality of drawing and non digital mediums. Not as a end to themselves or finished pieces but non digital mediums are a vital link to my process what ever the project. My questions that i tried to answer during the research phase was how to best represent the materiality of the markers. I was looking at weather to be illustration based, color based, or product photography centric concerning the products representation. i chose the main theme of the site to be centered around color. I chose and constructed color themes around the companies large pallet. and tried to represent that pallet in my site. for the typography aspect of the design I wanted a humanist san serif I thought that this was appropriate based on the premise that humanist type-faces are based on calligraphy. I believe that reference to hand-writing was fitting considering the product. The final type I chose after my type studies was Freight-Sans-Pro I believed it bo be an attractive friendly, and appropriate choice. Only thing I didn’t like about it is that the numerals are non-lining,so that made a couple of weird instances that I didn’t like and still need to find solutions for. i do like the progress of my site. I was just disappointed that my interactions work out in time for the presentation.working this on this site was less chaotic than my first project. I felt my process was much more organized. Though I did like the intuitive nature of discovery that my first website allowed, I do find more enjoyment from a consistent  thoughtful process.


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