Make Tea final & evaluation


I am please with how much I learned making this project. I got to understand jquery a lot better, even though I was holding Thom’s hand through it all. I became much more familiar with the layout of jquery. Overall, I am happy with the look, functionality, and css functions.

I couldn’t figure out a timer plug in, I spent hours researching plug ins and none of them had an editable timer where you can insert whatever value you’d like. I found one plug in that allowed for you to plug a number in but it counted up to the number and when it reached the time it didn’t alarm or alert, the numbers just kept counting up. Useless timer. Hopefully someone can point me in the right direction and I can add this step in!

A small think I’d like to adjust is asking what type of tea twice. This was challenging to wrap my brain around since the selection has different values. AND… I need to add more tea type as there are more than just these 7.

Overall, I’m pleased where this arrived at and I’m happy to see my concept come alive. Making a perfect cup of tea at home.


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