Useless Things I Now Need

Screen Shot 2015-05-13 at 9.28.17 PM

Agency Survival Kit is a site put together by Phoenix Creative Agency that sells a collection of survival kits to help agencies get through the little disasters advertising agencies are sometimes faced with (although they are really selling themselves as a solution to all your design, marketing and web development needs!). The site takes the user through the kits they’ve put together for crises such as Presentations, Power Outages, and Overtime.

This site is pretty cheeky and it uses some clever minor little animations to bring a lot of visual interest to the “product.” Small details like smooth hover effects and the clean minimal layout help create a clean and simple site that still feels like it has quite a bit of interaction. There’s a neat parallax effect that opens up each kit so you can see what is inside before moving you down and setting a scene, and finally highlighting each element of the kit. Side scrolling is also used to give the site a broader feel. There is a strong use of photography here that definitely wants to create a certain mood, one that is almost a romantic parody of the life of a designer, or how each kit is used in contex of the situation. And now I wish it was real, so that I could have one.


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