Self Eval & Design Comps!

Project 1 evaluation:

I had great big plans for project one! Some of them worked and most of them fell through. It was quite a challenge figuring out how to make a space that the user could freely explore. Initially, I had wanted to use arrow key navigation to make the space have some sort of path to follow, but in the end, the navigation ended up being a combination of arrow keys and scrolling which may be a bit of an odd way to do it. I may not have put enough Sections in my HTML for the Grid Scrolling to be 100% effective.

There were also little “magical” bits that I would like to have added to the website to make it more dynamic such as glowing stars, more engaging Warning! waypoints, a star cursor effect when hovered over an image. What took the most time was figuring out the layout of the space, getting the text to sit in the boxes, having the flip work and trying to fix the parallax so that the stars that are on the homepage occur throughout the entire website. Grid Scrolling and Stellar seemed to be conflicting here. It was great learning to work with a parallax effect and it was quite exciting to get some of the Grid Scrolling to work! Definitely a small accomplishment that had me jump out of my seat and do a little dance.

It was also challenging trying to figure out how to animate SVGs in jQuery so that the paths would draw themselves as the user scrolled through the site. I imagined the SVGs on my site would be activated by using the waypoints plugin. However, animating the SVGs didn’t work out in jQuery, nor did it work when I tried it in CSS. Having never worked with jQuery before taking this class, I learned that there are many plugins for animating SVG paths that are not very intuitive.

Overall, this project was a challenge in learning how to use jQuery and how to tell a story with interactions. I am pleased with what I was able to learn and accomplish within the timeframe.

Project 2 comps:

design comps.indd design comps.indd design comps.indd


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