Project 1 Eval

I am overall satisfied how project 1 turned out, but there is room for improvement. I wanted to expand this project and make it more interactive, but unfortunately ran out of time. I think I did well at bringing this project to a point at the due date, and I hope I can go back and add more to it later on. I still want to include a map feature, and add clickable animations and add more texture to the illustrations.

In this project, I think I did well at choosing color and typography. I wanted to use colors that evoked the natural themes in the novel, so I used a bright green and complimented it with a more neutral grey and navy blue. Looking back, I would like to add a nice paper texture to the grey pages to reference the book and break up the large amount of negative space.

I am pleased with the animations for the estates, but really wish that I could have figured out how to animate them. I wanted to have be drawn in as you scroll down the page, but couldn’t get the right plug-in to work for this effect.


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