3 Directions & Self Evaluation

These are three different ways of displaying the information, not necessarily three different ways of aesthetics persay.

art342_project2_3directions_kherberger art342_project2_3directions_kherberger

This is one idea that uses parallax to first build the Simon game before you can go anywhere.

art342_project2_3directions_kherberger art342_project2_3directions_kherberger

Self Evaluation:

Overall, I felt my process for project 1 was slow. I felt that I had difficulty narrowing down a single concept, because there were so many things I wanted to try. With the “choose your own adventure” concept, it took a while to finish the concept designs for the website (I originally had 20 pages, but narrowed it down to 14). It was definitely fun figuring out the plot line, though.

For the coding part, I ended up having to relearn some of the CSS stuff from last term and that took me a bit. I was definitely confused with the jQuery plugins and things not taught in class. Trying to find which code I needed for CSS and jQuery from a plugin was really mind-boggling, much less trying to make it work.

Overall, this was a good learning process and I learned a lot more about plugins and jQuery to make an interesting website. I would maybe change my time management more for this project and definitely ask more questions. I would love to have had a demonstration on finding a plugin, figuring out what part of the code to use and how to incorporate it into the website.


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