Project 1 Reflection & Project 2 Wireframes

Project 1 Reflection:

I have great plans for project one, but sadly I did not have the time for most of them. However, I am very happy with this site and it’s potential if I keep adding more depth to it. For now, I created a nice, visual, site that at least functions enough to tell the story of the voyager mission. I tried many things that I’ve never done before, or even knew how to do. This was my first time using SVGs, and I made a rather complex one. It also took me awhile to figure out how to scroll to each div and make them appear and disappear.

Though I didn’t get to do as much as I would have liked (hidden clickable to discover and more levels of information) by challenging myself with this site I am defiantly becoming more comfortable with jQuery. There were times things things didn’t work properly just because of the order of my code, or how little code is needed to make things become interactive.

It was difficult to think of a site as a strong narrative, especially one that the user can interact with. It does however make me think differently about what a site can be.

Project 2 Wireframes:



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