Good Site / Bad Site. Moodframes & Wireboards. CSS Diner!

Site Analysis


1. Allows you to freely discover the page at your own pace
2. click and drag is a natural gesture (feels better on touch devices though)
3. The pop-up items feel like I’ve achieved something by finding this new spot on the page
4. There are still normal buttons on the page to help you navigate
5. While unnecessary, the navigation method implies the company is more forward thinking

1. You MUST follow the set path while clicking prompts on the screen. While you are allowed to navigate to other parts of the site it felt clunky to do this. (the truck fades in instead of the truck driving into frame. Detaches from the whole concept)
2. Clicking on things makes them disappear for some reason?
3. Concept is unnecessary
4. Camera movement is mechanical while clicking (Easing would be nice)
5. Mousing over options on the left reveals the same type of button as if it were already selected.


moodboard-01 moodboard-02


wireframes-01 wireframes-02 wireframes-03

CSS Diner

Screen Shot 2015-04-08 at 5.12.34 AM


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